Posted by: tommybrennan | January 28, 2014

The Voice of God

Japan-s-9-0M-Quake-in-2011-Caused-Waves-in-Norway-Literally-376244-2There are few things more difficult to deal with than getting the silent treatment from someone.  We have all experienced a time where a friend or loved one simply stops communicating.  It can be maddening and deeply distressing to simply be cut off.  To be unable to express yourself, or be heard because the other person is holding a grudge, or is being stubborn is incredibly frustrating.

Maybe you have felt this way about God.   He stopped talking to you.  He never did speak to you.  Or if He did, it was so vague you were too dull to know that it was Him.  I have felt this way.  I have been plagued, and even haunted at times by the silence from Heaven.   I want to hear His voice.  To hear a word of encouragement.   To  know that He loves me.  That He cares.  That He does have a plan for my life, and it is a good plan.

There isn’t a sincere Christian who hasn’t struggled with this at times.  But there are other seasons when the silence is unbearable.  We desperately need guidance, instruction or wisdom, and we hear nothing from Heaven.

Sound familiar?  If not, then feel free to find something else to read, because you won’t be needing the rest of this post.  I’ll see you later.

For the rest of us, I have a little story that may help you.  Just this last week, I desperately needed wisdom from God regarding a family issue.  I was praying and asking God for an answer.  I heard nothing specific in my prayer time.

I reminded the Lord about His promise that if any man lacked wisdom, that he should ask of God.  God gives to all liberally and without reproach, and the wisdom will be given to him.  (James 1:5).  I told him that I needed wisdom, and He had promised to give it.  I kind of told Him I didn’t think He was holding up His end of the bargain.  I try to do this kind of thing respectfully, since, you know, He kind of made everything and holds the universe together.   But I will tell Him what is on my mind.  He can handle it.  I believe that He appreciates candor.

So, after this, I remembered that I had a book on my shelf that dealt with the family issue that I was asking the Lord  about.   I had never read it.  I realized that God had already provided wisdom, but I had to do some digging to obtain it.  I don’t believe that He is in the business of coddling rich North Americans who can simply open a book to obtain wisdom.  He doesn’t need to send a dispatch of angels to get a message to me if I can obtain the answer through other less supernatural, more mundane methods.

You have heard the joke about the man who was trapped on his roof during a flood.  As the waters rose, the man pleaded with God to save him.  A door floated by, which would have made a makeshift raft.  The man let it pass by.  A man passed by in a rowboat and offered him safety.  The man on the roof thanked him, but insisted that God would save him.  Finally, a helicopter came by, and dropped a rope to him.  He again declined.  God will save me he said.  The man drowned.

He found himself in Heaven.  He was bewildered and sought out the Lord. Why would you let me drown, Lord?  I trusted in You!  The Lord replied “what did you expect?  I sent a door, a boat and a helicopter.  What do you mean let you drown? “

And such it is with us at times.  God has provided you answers and wisdom.  We must open our eyes, with faith, to see them.  And we must be willing to accept the manner, messenger, method, and meaning He provided.  Sometimes, we don’t want to hear what he is going to say.  Ouch.

So, hope in the Lord.  He delights in those who trust in His mercy.  He is Faithful to you.  Don’t doubt His Heart.  You will be glad of it later when you see His provision.



  1. Tom,
    That is a great and encouraging story. I think God did provide that book to you supernaturally way ahead of time and had a plan to show you how invested in your life he truly is! Love you.

    • Thanks for the encouragement bro. God is so near, we have to look away to not see Him, but we are an easily distracted species. He has something to say all the time. Tuning into His frequency is the only work we need to do.

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