Posted by: tommybrennan | November 8, 2013

Pro Choice on Health Insurance – Part 2

Check boxI have been following the roll out of the Affordable Care Act with a great deal of interest.  My company’s no-deductible Blue Cross insurance policy was cancelled, and our rates on the replacement plan are over 33% higher, along with a $1,200 deductible. What I want is not anything outrageous or difficult. I simply want what was promised by the president and leaders in congress. I want to keep the health plan that worked for me and my employees. I am glad to see that President Obama has apologized, but that is not helping me.

What I, and many business owners want, is the freedom to choose an affordable plan that is best for us. This means that the ObamaCare famous “Ten Essential Health Benefits” will need to be changed to allow choice. My employees decided that they didn’t want to pay for prescription coverage, mental health coverage, substance abuse recovery coverage, pediatric dental or durable medical devices. The ACA doesn’t allow insurance plans that omit these items.  That is a mistake.  Our insurance would be significantly more affordable without these mandated items.

It is not the government’s role to force me to buy unaffordable insurance that I will never use.  If we can get the law changed to allow real choice in our insurance, that is a clear and real starting point. Without that, the president’s apology is a nice gesture, but lacking in any real substance.



  1. Very valid points, Thanks for sharing your experiences. It was an interesting read. I have been following this over the last few months, and it is interesting to have seen positive and negative experiences like these presented, particularly in a way that is simple, direct and provides suggestions for improvement.

    Most are rants and it’s hard to view them credibly.


    Miss Lou

    • Thanks Miss Lou! I believe that the Health Care issues are too important to be sullied with partisan politics. My own insurance has been cancelled, and it puts me in an unprotected state. This is a direct result of the proposed changes in the US federal mandates in insurance. I don’t want to pay for mental health coverage, substance abuse coverage, durable medical goods or prescriptions. If we can be granted choice in our insurance plans, everyone can still win here. I do appreciate your kind words, and noticing that I avoid the ranting approach. I have found that real dialogue must be fair, and as dispassionate as possible. This is a tall order, but the greatest statesmen have this quality.

      • I listened to a talk that Obama had on the issue of health care recently (after the mess ups with the website and obviously the plans being cancelled etc).

        Something he said struck me, and served as a bit of a reminder. ‘When you are trying to do something big, there are going to be problems along the way.’

        He acknowledged the problems, took responsibility and said they are working as hard as they can to address the issues and make it easier for folk.

        I really hope that the issues get resolved, because in my in my own mind there is a genuine need for reform in the healthcare system of the USA.

        Thanks again for taking the time to share your experiences 🙂

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