Posted by: tommybrennan | November 7, 2013

My Interview on CBN – Video Link

Losing Health Insurance 2As you know if you follow my blog, my company’s Health Insurance was cancelled.   This is because it failed to meet the standards that the Affordable Care Act demands.  Specifically, my no-deductible  plan was affordable to me and my young employees because it didn’t include Prescription coverage, Mental Health Coverage, Substance Abuse Treatment, Durable Medical Device coverage or pediatric dental coverage.   The plan offered in place of our old plan has a 33% increase in premiums, and a $1,200 deductible for my family.   My story was picked up by Christian Broadcasting Network, and they interviewed me.  Here is a link to that interview.

Feel free to contact me about this.  My story is true.  I don’t want to criticize President Obama.  I just want what he promised.  And I will continue to hold him accountable for his promises: I can keep my old plan, and keep my doctor.  These promises affect every American at their most private level, their Health and their Finances.   They can’t be broken.  It isn’t an option.   We must persuade our leaders that it is in the best interest of our country to keep these promises.  If for no other reason, to avoid the crisis of confidence that is presently permeating Washington.



  1. Have you heard anything back Tom???

    • I am currently in contact with Senator Schumer’s office. I have requested a meeting.

  2. I am proud of you Tom! Above all, I’m glad you have recovered from your health issues.

    • Thanks Shawn. Since you are the greatest wordsmith I know, it means a lot. I am healthy, and my insurance plan is great. I really do want to keep it. I will continue to petition our government to keep Mr. Obama’s promises.

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