Posted by: tommybrennan | October 16, 2013

The (Not So) Affordable Care Act

NeedleI am a business owner in Clayton, NY.  We have seventeen full time employees.   I have spent the last few months following the roll out of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). I am now prepared to go on record to report that we have been misled by the President and the Democrats in Congress.  We were promised that under the ACA, we would be able to keep our present insurance plan if we liked it, and we could keep our own doctor.  “First of all, if you’ve got health insurance, you like your doctor, you like your plan – you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan. Nobody is talking about taking that away from you.”   – President Barack Obama   7/16/2009

This is absolutely not true.  My current insurance plan is very affordable, and has no deductible.  This plan has been found to be non-compliant under the new federally mandated insurance law.  So, my present plan is going to cost nearly 33% more, and will now have a $1,200 deductible.  This is not the same plan.  It is the same provider, but totally different in terms of cost and benefits.  Let me be clear:  there is no option to keep my current plan.

The coverage is being expanded to include prescriptions, durable medical devices, pediatric dental care, and mental health insurance.  I don’t want all this extra coverage, and neither do my employees.  Under the new law everyone must carry this insurance whether they want to or not.  Also, it is becoming clear that the ACA’s exchanges will narrow your choice of doctors (Forbes*, New York Times**). These two major promises were made to sell us on the ACA, and have both been clearly documented to be complete and deliberate falsehoods.  These promises were apparently made to calm the nation into accepting the Health Care medicine that Washington wants to feed us.  The end result will be higher premiums and higher deductibles.  Another side effect is that more people will be dependent upon government in the form of tax subsidies or credits in order to pay for their mandated health insurance.  It is a federal power grab that will target people in their most private affairs: their health and their checkbook. 

I don’t claim to be clairvoyant, but I am seeing the proverbial writing on the wall.   ObamaCare is simply too much to implement at this time.  The US economy (and therefore the global economy) is at risk of spinning into a deeper recession if this hastily implemented, poorly conceived plan is allowed to go into effect as it is right now.  Remember, it was a frantic vote on Christmas Eve of 2009 that the ACA was passed by the Senate.  It was passed by a vote of 60-39 with no Republicans in favor of the bill.  This extreme partisan display is not how honest men and women should represent their constituents in routine matters.   But how much worse when the law will significantly impact  one sixth of the economy and every citizen’s health and bank account.   It is a shameful display that is now catching up to us, as the rest of the world questions why we can’t get it together.

It is time to raise your voice, and let Washington know we don’t want ObamaCare.  Once it is embedded, it will be nearly impossible to remove.  The implementation of ObamaCare needs to be delayed at least a year.  This would allow true professionals and industry analysts to assess the ACA, and change it where it is failing.  If nothing else, there should at least be a properly functioning, secure website for the ACA.  

 “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”  

The Declaration of Independence

I, for one, do not consent to ObamaCare.

* Roy, Avik. “The Apothecary with Avik Roy.” Forbes. Forbes, 24 Sept 2013. Web. 10 Oct 2013.

** Pear, Robert. “New York Times Health.” New York Times. New York Times, 22 Sept 2013. Web. 10 Oct 2013. 



  1. Something about saying, no screaming, at the top of my lungs, “We tried to tell you…” or “WE TOLD YOU SO!!” just doesn’t have the same energy anymore. It has happened so often now, that I am worn out by the Democrats and Change-o-maniacs, so much so, that I laugh every time one of the talking heads start mentioning the “Affordable Care Act”. Affordable for whom?

  2. Very good report Tom. I know aeveral here also that are finding a difficult time ahead for business and employees.

  3. This sounds like a replay of a conspiracy e-mail that has been going around the internet and which has been debunked.

    • Hi John,
      Thanks for reading. This is my own story. I am a small businessman, and I have been studying the ACA along with my Insurance advisor for the last several months. I have chosen to tell my story because it is completely verifiable and cannot be debunked. My Insurance advisor has over 30 years experience, and he is not looking for any drama. These are facts. I cannot keep my present plan, and I therefore have no assurance that I can keep my present doctor. I will be happy to tell you the facts in more detail if you are interested. I am limited to what I can share in detail, as I cannot breach my employees’ confidentiality.

      • Thank you for your courteous response.

      • You’re welcome John. Thanks for reading, and having an open mind. We all need to discuss these issues without demonizing those we disagree with. I do wish our leaders in Washington could rediscover this skill.

      • 🙂

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