Posted by: tommybrennan | May 9, 2013

The Woman in the Sundress

It’s that time of year again. A post about what men think.

Whatsoever Things Are True

sundress-2013I have watched the erosion of manners and courtesy between men and women my whole life.    I remember when I was a child, how men would hold a door open for a woman, offer their seat in a waiting room, or stop to change a tire for a woman.  This whole chivalry thing has really faded from the American landscape.  I regret its passing.    I found hope in a most unexpected place however.   Wal Mart’s Garden Department.

I was shopping at Wal Mart about two years ago.  Yes, I shop at Wal Mart, and I am not ashamed.   It was a hot day, and the store was crowded.  As I was moving through the Garden Department looking for a decent bird feeder, something caught my eye.  It was  a woman in a sundress.   I immediately noticed her.   Now, my wife was with me, so…

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