Posted by: tommybrennan | March 11, 2012

KONY 2012 – A Veteran Responds

The first to present his case seems right, till another comes forward and questions him.
Proverbs 18: 7

I have had an interesting few days.  I came across the KONY 2012 video last Thursday.  I was moved by the horrors that are being committed by this man and others.  I promptly posted the video to my Facebook page.  I had several people express gratitude for the information.  I felt pretty good about myself, and I even planned on making two huge KONY 2012 banners to post in front of my business.   One of our lines of business is producing banners and signage.  Until I heard from a former classmate.

This man graduated with me from Groves High School back in 1979.  He was always a good guy, and never picked on me like the rest of the big jock types.  He had a heart and a dedication to this country, and planned a military career in high school.  He is a veteran of the US Navy, and has spent his life serving this country.  His response needs to be heard.  His argument is valid and legitimate. I will let his words speak for him.  Read what he says and consider what you should do.  consider both sides of this argument before you ask someone else to risk bleeding and dying for a cause you are not willing to sacrifice for.

“Just exactly what do you have in mind…..military action? Embargoes?  Walling off the African continent? Are you willing to put on a uniform and train in hand to hand combat? jungle warfare? or are you willing to pay for another military action for 10 years to hunt him and his followers down and bring them to ‘justice’? I say “NOT”! It’s easy for all of the people sharing this video to scream “Let’s do something” then complain about the line at Starbucks or the price of a gallon of gas, turn the air conditioning up or the thermostat on their home heating unit and reach into the refrigerator, grab a cold one and go back to the TV or computer.

Throw money at some charity and hope it works…I don’t think so. The truth is all the liberals complain about wars and military spending but then want something done without ever feeling any of the pain, physically and financially to accomplish the mission. By this video going viral, it has made a hero out of this jerk to some, a villain to some more and probably does more harm than good.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a bad man. He has enough bad followers that will continue in his footsteps when he gets taken out and the same atrocities will be repeated in the future. Raking the leaves doesn’t solve the problem. Getting the roots out and eliminating the causes of this situation is the only way to prevent this from occurring. Africa is a complex problem. Corruption, tribal bad blood, poorly educated masses that are easily turned to bloodshed is not going away any time soon. Want to help solve this? then you need to address the core issues not just eliminate one fanatic who sees this kind of violence as his only recourse. Stop spreading his gory glory all over the internet is the first step. The 2nd step is to demand our leaders in the White House and Congress stop propping up illegitimate governments in Africa and elsewhere that make a mockery of human rights for personal gain. But you better be careful for what you ask for because the vacuum created when you cut the head off the serpent(s) may get filled by something as bad or worse.

BTW, our 100 Special Forces troops on the ground right now will probably handle the job for you in short order. Maybe make a donation to the USO in their honor and feel good about it.”


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