Posted by: tommybrennan | November 8, 2011

Bass Musings

People have told me that I was a major inspiration to them back when I was a senior in High School.  I had no idea that my born-too-late hippy mentality, musings and trappings (bell bottoms and long hair were NOT in style in 1979) were of any inspiration or value to anyone.  To be honest, I had been a complete social recluse until my senior year.  I was unquestionably an outcast, and it hurt.  My family and a few “losers” were my friends.  I learned from the loneliness and rejection.

In 1977-78 I had been playing bass for hours every day, I got contact lenses, and I grew my hair long.  Suddenly, I was Tom Brennan – The Bass Player.  The metamorphosis was no less dramatic than a chrysalis becoming a butterfly.  And fly I did.  It was the non-popular people who just accepted me that made all the difference.  Music was my solace, hobby, obsession and love.  I started playing to gain acceptance (with girls – it really did work) but it turned into something much more serious.  I simply fell in love with playing the bass.  It became an extension of who I was.  I poured out the pain, longing, loss, fear, anxiety and sheer unabashed joy through the thunder and chirp of those four beautiful, beautiful, thick silver strings.  I was set free from one world, and entered into a new one.


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