Posted by: tommybrennan | October 7, 2011

Why Detroit Fans Are Different

So the Detroit Tigers won the ACLS against the Yankees.  I am from Detroit, and so, I am thrilled.  The Yankees are always the favorites, and I love to see an underdog win.  Especially when they are fromDetroit.  There is a special kind of  bond that Detroit Sports fans share.  For whatever reason, Detroit teams have set the most awful records in their respective sports.  In 2003, the Tigers lost 119 games.  One shy of the all time futility record set by the New York Mets in 1962.  The Red Wings missed the playoff s 15 times in 17 years through the 70s and 80s.  They were known as the Dead Wings.  And who could forget the 0-16 Detroit Lions of 2008.


Now, as a backdrop to all this sports futility, you have a city that has a 30% unemployment rate, and a state unemployment rate of 14.1 %.  This is an area that can use some distraction, and good news is very welcome.  Sports are huge toDetroitfans, andDetroitis one of the best sports cities in the country.  Detroit Fans are what I call extreme.  They get too high when their teams win, and too low when their teams lose.  There is a great opportunity to study transference of feelings with Detroit fans.  So, when our teams lose, we feel it deeper than other cities.  It is a bullet through the heart.  I have had to counsel a lot of young men that “Hey, its just a game” when my own gut was churning over a heartbreaking game 7 loss.  When our teams win, it is such a ray of uplifting sunshine; we walk with a joy and a swagger that is perhaps a little too vicarious for our own good.  But, no matter.  Our Tigers won, we are happy, and that is what these games are all about.

Now if we could just get Willow Run to open back up……


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