Posted by: tommybrennan | February 24, 2011

Further Analysis – The Fall of the US Empire

This response was requested by my sister.  Since it was over 300 words, it became post-worthy.

Did you read my blog post about the fall of the British Empire? Some of the observations are found there. The main things I see are vast empires that are very costly to maintain. This was ultimately the downfall of both Rome and Britain. The next thing was financial insolvency due to wars, and in Rome’s case, food and entertainment for the population. Bread and Circuses. The financial insolvency produced debt, which in turn weakened the empires’ structures. War to preserve vast empires in remote places and debt. Sound familiar?

The weakness produced boldness in the colonies/occupied nations, who now protested for their sovereignty. The colonies were released, the empire collapsed, and both Rome and Britain fell. Victims of their own success, and the wars and costs to maintain them. I see very scary parallels between the last truly global empires (Rome and Britain). Say what you will, but at the end of the day, the USA is an empire. The most powerful in all history. In my opinion, we have been a very benign empire. We could have simply colonized Europe and Japan after the second world war, but we didn’t. The Marshall Plan was perhaps the most brilliant foreign policy decision ever made by the US government. It gave us the influence of an empire without actually having to control other nations directly with hated foreign troops.

Anyway, the US empire has already begun to collapse, and it will fall heavily. Most likely in our lifetime, but perhaps not. There is no way any business, home, or government can survive without the self discipline to eliminate debt and live by a budget. Our nation lost that skill back in the 1960’s and has never recovered it. The present generation is suffering from the belief that “We are what we were”. Sorry, but we aren’t. The greatest generation went through a depression and war on the homefront. We know nothing of their self denial, self reliance, and lack of self consciousness. That being said, we can delay the inevitable, but it it written as sure as a prophecy in my opinion. No one can live beyond their means and survive for long. We are watching the decline of the US Empire.


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