Posted by: tommybrennan | February 3, 2011

A Single Candle in the Darkness……

The one consistent thing about life is – Change.   Our lives seem to be constructed of acts in a play, modules in a training curriculum, or jigsaw pieces that are sequentially laid in place.   Some changes are so welcome:  a release from prison (natural, spiritual or addiction), the blossoming of a new love, the recovery of an old relationship, a promotion, the birth of a baby or the discovery of a new album or movie.    Some changes are simply awful.   You don’t need me to ennumerate them.   You know what yours are.

When we are faced with a daunting new chapter in our lives, it is not uncommon to go into a shell.   It is so difficult to face up to the new reality that we hide from it.   This may be in the form of avoiding people.    It may manifest itself by our seeking out some kind of self medication:  drugs, sex, TV, music, sports, news.  Anything to distract us from the unpleasantness of the problem.   Another coping mechanism is to simply do nothing.   To crawl into a hole, where we stop exposing ourselves.    This keeps us safe from the heartbreak of losing a loved one.    Or safe from the disappointment when a fond hope is dashed to the ground.   Paralysis by analysis.    We think about something so much,  that it petrifies us.   We stop anything but the most basic functions of life.   Eating.  Sleeping.   TV.   Paying Bills.   And this becomes our life.    We know that this is not really life.   At least not as God intended it.   We are merely existing in this state.   Waiting.   Wasting our days.

It is so much easier to complain about life and to make excuses.    So much easier to keep the mess going.   It doesn’t matter how right you may sound to yourself.    You know when you are fooling yourself.   Don’t allow yourself the self-indulgence of arguing your case to your own personal jury.   We tend to always declare that we are not guilty of anything that we don’t want to face.

Well, if that is what you are doing, STOP IT!  There is an old proverb:   Better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.    I encourage you to look for something even right now that you can do to break the cycle of self-obsessed crapulence.    How can you help someone today?  Even now?  You can make a phone call to someone that is hurting.   Or someone who is lonely.    Or someone who appears to be doing good, but is really suicidal and you aren’t aware of it.   God will show you.   He is looking for hands that will allow Him to slip into them and touch this messed up, hurting mass of humanity.   One person at a time.    Oh!  Let Him use you!   You were made for this!   To ease other’s suffering and loneliness.   What could be better!   What power God has given to us.   To lighten the burden of others!

Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends. (Joh 15:13)


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